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Hello again,

I’m back …. and I have the last updates from SL stuff, sooooo let’s start because I’m super behind with the designers and their releases.

As some part of the world is starting to enjoy the warm weather with the spring coming very fast, you can stop by GizzA and get the sexy and relaxing outfits “Hanna” which comes with gorgeous jeans, different patterns, belts and shirts.


Now, if you are in the half where Autumn is already here (okay not really hear but in UK north is freezing cold already), you can’t miss the latest release Rich outfit, gorgeous designs and amazing pattern work. There are some to be sold single so have a look and do your mix and match.

With this rich outfit you will see that I’m wearing the new “”D!va”” hair called Tina, you wonder why, don’t you? 😛  lush curly hair,  in two version, with fringe or without. You pick, any version will look stunning on you. This hair can be found for a low price at C88. Good luck!


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August News

Hello there!

I hope you are having a great summer.  Here in the north east UK has end. Really, as soon as August arrived summer season went away, It has been raining a lot, very windy and it is getting chilly every day a little more.  *sighs*

I think that is one of the main reasons we so love SL, it can be always the weather you want it to be.

Anyhow, lets talk about businesses.

“”D!va”” brings us a new hair style for this month, of course you can find this Layla hair not just in her main store but in Collabor88 for a very reasonable price, don’t forge that is just one colour under offer.

Now, if you like this boyish look, you must get the new shorts “Bermuda” from +HUHU+ creations. It comes with a hud where you can change, fabric, belt, and boxers. They fit very well (I’m wearing size M) and it has a well done texture quality.
August News
Have fun!

P.S. (sorry about the quality, I’m having some issue with PS)

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Happy Monday!

I hope you are all having a great start of the week. I’m fine, again with some PC issues but here I’m with the latest update 😉

We all know that collabor88 is in its 5th month and this time “”D!va”” is back with a gorgeous set of hair with 2 styles, as usual. Meet Sayaka3. If you look a little down you can see I’m just wearing the sexy shorts from +HUHU+ creations “Lazy Shorts” in Burgundy colour and heart pattern.

Diva - HUHU
Now, I’m going go put this photo here too as I don’t know how long I will be able to post, so yeah … few weeks ago we got a new release for all of us with rocking heart. Anarchy outfit from GizzA comes with full dress, top shirt, hat and chains, everything is mesh made and you can see the quality is superb just how we like it.

Have a wonderful week!
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Last post for this month!


I am going on Christmas holidays tomorrow so … last post people!  keep reading please ^_^

Hair from “”D!va”” part of the collabor88 event. Jacket from *BeReckless* it is gorgeous and trousers from +HUHU+ linen style.

Mixt and Match

This photos are exclusive for *Dura* which has releases some weeks ago 2 wonderful stiles. Girl 42 and Boys 40. Enjoy it!

Dura -  Boy 40

Dura - girl 42

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4 days till Christmas!


As I said yesterday, I’m trying to catch up with some items that need to be post. So today I will fusion some stores, some of them participating in events 🙂

In this photo:

from Acid Lily Event:  · Top· [FIEND] · Desire Strapless Dress in purple · Jacket · .::BT::. · Trust No one set · Jacket · }Moyaz{ ·Mia skinny jeans in purple · Pose· {Co*Motion} · pro set·

Hair from *Dura*, made exclusive for boys but also can be worn on girls 😉 ·Boys #40· (Check out the new gift for boys and girls, totally cosy!)

Acid Lily Gallery - outfit 1

This dress below can be found at Acid Lily event, it is made by ~Candy Metal~ Atrim Goth Dress. Also the pose is from {Co*Motiong} Briar Rose set. The hair this time is made by “”D!va”” Asami in red amber, item for December at collabor88, it also come with an extension super cute.

Acid Lily Gallery - outfit 2

See ya!

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Check out my rl photos 😉

D!va and +HUHU+

Hello every one,

I’m having a lot of problems with my game atm 😦  I crash every time I need to save a picture (I kinda fix that) and now my graphic card is telling me weird things when i set the settings in high 😦

Anyway I’ve manage to do a picture that was suppose to be blogged last week.

Anyway … here I’m with the update for the new hair of “”D!va””  which can be found in Collabor88 if you want to, Daria is a perfect up do style with the natural loose hairs around .. love love ♥♥.  Now, look down till you see the great shoes from +HUHU+ called Illegal Sneakers and you will love them so much that you will post just to thank me 😀

Run Away



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This week in SL

More news about *BeReckless*, “”D!va”” and Retro’s Store!

One of the latest releases from *BeReckless* is this comfy swater called Izzie, is very big and is perfect for this season. You can find it in other colours, pick your fave 😀

This week in SL

As I’ve told you yesterday, “”D!va”” release a new hair style, this is Norma hair in red amber colour, can be also find it in Collabor88, if you want another colour you will have to buy it at normal price.

Retro’ Store is also participating in Black Only Event running from 15th October, there you will find this gorgeous leggins, all galaxy style. Another pice of clothes that we can use this Autumn season.

This week in SL full
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What’s going on this week

Hello there,

I have some information you might like because it involves new releases with low prices.

I’m going to start with Retro’ Store which is participating in fi*friday, event that have new stuff every week. Here you’ll find this “Sally” dress, a sexy style with a low open neck and back. I’ll be available in 4 colours until Thursday.  Another item by the same store are the Galaxy clutch which can be found in Stuff in Stock until the 21st of Oct.

This week in SL 1

“”D!va”” is participating in collabor88, where you can find nice products for 88L or a little more for a whole month. This time we’ve 2 hair styles, very curly at the tips. The one I’m waring is the Jina and you can get it in red amber colour, that is the special hair for this event.

This week in SL 1b
Finally but not least, is a this new pumps from *BeReckless* they come in different colours, and patterns, like normal plain ones or this gorgeous ones out of the earth. Galaxy pumps.

This week in SL 1a

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Nine to Five

One of the newest creations from Gizza, a combination of old school layers and the new style mesh. Elegant, modern and mysterious, this new collection will bring out the sophisticated woman in you.
Gizza - Nine To Five

Find them in 6 different warms colours, perfect for the new season coming in and with matching long boots.


Suit – Gizza – Nine to Five

Purse –  Gizza – Clutch

Hair –  D!va – Aya – long hair mesh option

Place – Morantique Lush


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D!va @collabor88 and +HUHU+

collaborsetp huhujeans


I would like to remind you the D!va hair for Collabor88 is finally out!.  Again another beautiful style with those exquisite loose hairs and great colour that so far has been my fave from the collections.

Also I wanna show you this new mesh jeans, they are from +HUHU+  This is a new store for me and they have great things, very original patterns. You can find not just clothes but also accessories … cool uh? Give it a try guys!



Hair – D!va – Aya – for Collabor88 September – wearing type B with no extensions –

Jeans – +HUHU+ – Mesh jeans – in dark green colour –


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