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Hello there!

I know it has been a long while, that Is why I’m just coming here to tell you that I am not planning to post any more, I’ve left the groups where I was a blogger and I hope this decision is the best. To be honest, I wasn’t motivated any more and mostly because I got a new role at work, I’m now a supervisor and now I don’t have time to think on posting. Second, I love doing my real life photos, if I have spare time, that is what I’m going to spend it on. And third, after working 8 hours in front of the PC I’m not willing to spend any more in something I don’t feel motivated.

So yeah. My account in SL will still be there but me and this blog will be close.

Thank you for following me, and Good luck in this new year!


If you wanna see my photos I share them in several places

FB page



My blog (mostly in spanish)

Here I’m trying to do a photo story of my danboard 😛 

Take care! ♥

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August News

Hello there!

I hope you are having a great summer.  Here in the north east UK has end. Really, as soon as August arrived summer season went away, It has been raining a lot, very windy and it is getting chilly every day a little more.  *sighs*

I think that is one of the main reasons we so love SL, it can be always the weather you want it to be.

Anyhow, lets talk about businesses.

“”D!va”” brings us a new hair style for this month, of course you can find this Layla hair not just in her main store but in Collabor88 for a very reasonable price, don’t forge that is just one colour under offer.

Now, if you like this boyish look, you must get the new shorts “Bermuda” from +HUHU+ creations. It comes with a hud where you can change, fabric, belt, and boxers. They fit very well (I’m wearing size M) and it has a well done texture quality.
August News
Have fun!

P.S. (sorry about the quality, I’m having some issue with PS)

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Let the breeze come to me

Whit this exquisite medium short hair and short body suit, the summer breeze is ready to hug me and squeeze me ;P

The hair is an unisex stile from *Dura* (45) and the body suit is from +HUHU+ Creations which come in several colours.
Enjoy it!


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I am getting a small break from my busy week at work. So I apologize in advance for not posting earlier but rl job has been a pain … and no time for me 😦

So, from +HUHU+ Creations we have 2 brand new designs out for girls and boys… that means, every one happy!! YAY!!

Capri pants with a funky print on it

HUHU capri

For the boys, a very cool casual pants with belt and buttons 😉

HUHU Jeans

And for the sexy ones…. a gorgeous leather pants in plain colours and animal patterns, you can also change the belt colours to match your top … if you wear one 😉

HUH Leather

I just got this video from a work colleague… enjoy it … malucas xD

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Hello there!

I have and late update for +HUHU+ creations. As you might know, they released some weeks ago a nice male shirt, yes the one I’m wearing, with different motives. Also, for girls there are out this new leggings, all mesh and they come in different colours and also animal patterns. Very cool like.




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When I lived in Germany, most of the people said “huhu” like in “hiiii” … why? … dunno (okay, at least that was where I used to live).

The +HUHU+ I know is the store which sells excellent clothes not just for girls but for boys, urban, smart, casual, sporty … just name it and they will have it.

Here a taste of shirts and jeans for boys

HUHU for men

And something out of the oven few days ago. This gorgeous stripe long top which can be found in different motives.
HUHU for girls
Stay tune!

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Silly cold :(

And I thought I was going to finish my winter like a pro without a cold 😦 *sighs*

I have some updates, so I will put them a lot of them together hehehe

From GizzA, you all must know this set but if you are new, well … keep reading. This wonderful warm and retro set is called Espresso break and you can get them separately and in different colours. Trousers and hand warmers are mesh as well the bag.

+HUHU+ creations think in girls and boys, this time they have launched a new series of shirts, very smart … they also released a pair of jeans but I haven’t got the time to shot them yet. Anyway visit the store and have a look around, there are lots of great stuff for everybody.
HUHU - Shirt

This for now… I will do more during the week, cold and holidays doesn’t go together very well 😦

See ya!

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