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Nicky Ree in Mesh

Hello people!

I told you before I will be here bringing you some news about Nicky Ree. Of course if you are in her member group you all will know that Nicky is back with Mesh designs.

She bring us 2 tunic shirts mesh made (standard mesh) with the great quality and unique  hand draw texture. And the price is absolute a bargain!  So why don’t you pop in and get your Nicky Ree Designings in Mesh?

Nicky tunick mesh_002

Nicky tunick mesh_001

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This Week at Acid Lily Gallery

Hey! If you haven’t visit Acid Lily Gallery, do it know, the items for this week are brilliant!!!

Let’s have a look 😀

Outfit one

Tshirt by 1 Hundred – Hardsyle / Necklace by Love cat – part of the set “Entice” / ankle bots from [FIEND] / from Romance outfit / Poses from {Co*Motion} – Steamed up
Acid Lily Gallery - outfit 1
Outfit two is made by {MoYaZ} – Ruby dress, jeans collection

Acid Lily Gallery - outfit 2

Outfit 3 is made by even.flow – Enviro vest – ocean and Essential scarf in blue

Acid Lily Gallery - outfit 3

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Essential needs

Hello there,

I’m going to show you some of the new releases from Death row Designs, and lucky there is not just for girls … also for boys! … Same thing with the hairs you will see down on my pictures, they are from *Dura* mixed hair and for boys, again, both genders can be happy 😀 and going shopping together hehehe fun fun!

so have a look to the fun shirts with different motives like this one I’m wearing and the unisex hair #38 and it there is a red hair version really cool, I mean super red 😀 no ginger like.
Essential needs for her
And for you guys, this gorgeous military jacket … something you have to have in your wardrobe.  The hair is the #39 and let me tell you something .. it is gorgeous! and looks really good on girls too. So don’t be afraid and just get it on your fave colour.
Essential needs for him

These clothes and hair styles are a must in your wardrobe and visit the store, there are more and other gorgeous dresses to wear 😀

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Fashionable Owl

Hello people,

sorry for the delay on my post but I’m still having a lot of problems taking pictures, in one pc the game just closes alone when I click on “save” and in my other pic, is waaaaaayyyy tooooo slooooowwwwwww that just on picture takes me like one hour 😦

So I am trying my best to catch up.

I was planning to show you more pictures but so far I just have this one from *BeReckless* and its Owl fashion. You can find them in different Owl styles, like comic, painted, cute like too. Please visit the store and have a look, there’s much more to see 🙂


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This week at Acid Lily

There is an event going in the grid where you can find things less for 100L … 70L and they are super nice quality and styles.

– Top – Emporium – top lace – black
– Piercings and Earrings – Phoebe – kris earrings and unisex facial piercing – in black
Acid Lily - top lace

– Shirt – Leri Miles Designs – comfy flannel – onyx
Acid Lily -  comfy flannel


Take yours at Acid Lily Gallery


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