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First at all I send my apologies for not been so active. Things in RL have become busy so I am escaping today to be able to post 😛

In the following photos I’ll show you the latest update from *Dura*, Death Row Designs and ::Gabriel::. I could post them in different post but I’m not quite sure when I will be able to post again. So … lets go!

Lates boys hair from *Dura* BOY46. Made for boys but always able be to wear in girls. The corset is from Death Row Designs and it is called Corset Arts, you will find it in several patterns. Very original and dark.


Weeks ago there were other releases from these stores that I wasn’t able to post, so here are they

*Dura* Girl 49. A sweet fresh look with this style, It is one of my faves this month 😀


Here it is the unisex hair again from *Dura* Boys and Girls 47. Every time I look at it reminds me the Korean dramas.


This photo will show you the boots from Death Row Designs, also the demon hands and the horns are part of a preview release.


I might be late with this one but is better late than never. :GB: or Gabriel released several clothes the past week and now I’m showing you the hoodie dress for girls, it comes in several colours and it can be matched with leggings  for a better fit.


The hair style is from *Dura*


With this I end my post and I wish you a Happy Caturday! Visit my FB page for the caturday photo.

¸.•´¸.•*¨) ¸.•*¨)
(¸.•´ (¸.•´ .•´ ¸¸.•¨¯`•. Ake..•~

Christmas Ideas

I you haven’t found your Christmas outfit yet, in Death row Designs have full avatars with the theme. from skin to shoes and accessories, tattoos layers, hair and eyes, everything in one full box. Check out my faves!

[ I will try to post more from other stores before I go away for Christmas holidays, so stay tune!)

Frost Doll (shape is mine)

Frost doll avatar
Faun Doll (full avatar from DrD)

Faun Doll avatar

Xmassy Doll (full avatar from DrD)
Xmassy doll avatar

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(¸.•´ (¸.•´ .•´ ¸¸.•¨¯`•. Ake¸.•~♥

Now I leave you with an awesome video from one of my fave bands \m/

Welcome December!

Hello there,

The past couple of week we have been having a lot of updates, so I’m showing you what is new from Retro’ Store and *BeReckless*

From *BeReckless” we have this super cute Alisha dress which comes with different motives.

BeReckless - Alisha

Also for this cold days, you can find a nice sweater in different colours, look for Allison.
BeReckless - Allison

If you like different boots, Retro’ have for you the RainMix boots for Single Icon Fair
Retro' Store - RainMix

Last but not least,  new updates from Death row Designs, this time gorgeous glasses, very trendy and changeable textures.

Death row Designs - Glasses

There is a lot more to come … stay tune!

¸.•´¸.•*¨) ¸.•*¨)
(¸.•´ (¸.•´ .•´ ¸¸.•¨¯`•. Ake¸.•~♥

Bad dirty boots >:)

Have you got the new boots from Death Row Designs? … they are as usual freaking awesome, they are called “bound cuffed” and they come in several colours like red, dirty blue, black, purple, green, etc. Of course they are unisex and you can now modify the size with the menu it has. They are totally my style and have the quality texture we want in our shoes. You won’t  regret if you get them all 😉



~Ake back in bussines ~
PS.: I fixed my avi dunno how lol

Snow every where

Winter is one of my favorite seasons so far, I love the snow which you can find everywhere in SL but not in RL. So I’m totally fascinated playing around alone or with my friends on the snow.

And I love the light brown colour on *Dura*‘s hair, specially how looks on medium long hair. This is a male hair (#29), but if you make it a lil smaller, looks perfect on girl. Very wild and fresh.


Have a nice week.


What else I’m wearing?
Jacket from Aoharu

Pants from [NV]

Shoes from Miel

Long socks from Maitreya

Blush from Glam Affair, made for holiday winter last year

Pose from Striking Poses

Lets rock baby \m/

*Akelei takes out her journal and her favorite pen, she opens it and write down in a blank new page*
Thrusday 25th,HMake1a

I don´t know what I was thinking when I came to this place, every where smells like a fish and I don´t like fish … not even any seafood … but I need that scape, I need to find my self again … I can´t remember when and where i lost it, but is lost … and I want it back! … I can clearly remember when I was poping into heavy metal clubs and wearing kilts and big boots, all black all dark all hell yeah! …. when did I change? … when did my clothes start to look different to what I normally like? …. So that’s why I am here … I heard one of my fave bands will play here so I took the first TP and tada! … lets rock baby!

There is still something missing … and it always be like that, nothing I can do about it.


+someone told me once that techno music is the son of heavy metal one … so my kiddos, here you have one of the most freakinwesome bands ever, all music made with Chelos, sometimes they invite singers from other bands to participate on their albums. Enjoy it!+ (just for the record, I like to show videos with lyrics so my friends that don´t speak very well english can understand it better) 🙂


jacket: *League* Belted Leather Jacket
hair: [NikitaFride] HairFair GIFT 2011
net shirt and skirt: * ^v^ The Death ^v^ * B!tches
tights: *Sheer* Tights 02: Torn Nylon Black
boots: *COCO*_EngineerBoots_Black

Thinking on Trips


I love to travel, and more when is to another amazing country, Now I’m lucky to be in Europe, everything is closer than before hehehe.

The sad part is I have no Idea when I will travel again, but anyway I will take care that my luggages are ready to pick and go, like “take away” meals here … and I have decide what I want to wear when I go on a trip :3

I am just in love of the full set of Lady Darcy Tux of DNR, that is why I picked the jacket version2, but this jacket wouldn’t look awesome without the Bow Shirt from *COCO* and as you can realise all my rest of clothes are from *COCO* … (a tip, the boots are free for group members)

My hair stylish knows how to work with fingers, this creation is just breath taking, that is why I love BooN so much, is just so original!

My luggage will be there at my studio waiting to be picked up … meanwhile … I will go shopping! (Lets see if Truth Sim isn’t that full to do some quick shopping xD)

Take Care!

Ake! :3

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