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Hello again,

I’m back …. and I have the last updates from SL stuff, sooooo let’s start because I’m super behind with the designers and their releases.

As some part of the world is starting to enjoy the warm weather with the spring coming very fast, you can stop by GizzA and get the sexy and relaxing outfits “Hanna” which comes with gorgeous jeans, different patterns, belts and shirts.


Now, if you are in the half where Autumn is already here (okay not really hear but in UK north is freezing cold already), you can’t miss the latest release Rich outfit, gorgeous designs and amazing pattern work. There are some to be sold single so have a look and do your mix and match.

With this rich outfit you will see that I’m wearing the new “”D!va”” hair called Tina, you wonder why, don’t you? 😛  lush curly hair,  in two version, with fringe or without. You pick, any version will look stunning on you. This hair can be found for a low price at C88. Good luck!


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(¸.•´ (¸.•´ .•´ ¸¸.•¨¯`•. Ake..•~

Prims are back

Hello every one,

As you hear… Nicky Ree has releases a new gown in prim, the old fashion school. Of course he quality and unique textures are still the same, the way she designs, create and word in a piece of clothes is unique and that is why we don’t care if its prim or mesh and this Lindy gown it is GORGEOUS! … meanwhile we look gorgeous the rest doesn’t matter. And don’t forge that prims clothes can always be modify to fit your shape.

Also, as you know this is the month of The Arcade Gacha and “”D!VA”” is participating with this new style called Giz, I’m wearing the version A in Amber, because I’ve found the red amber (the usual one on me) it is lighter. With version B colours are alright.   As usual Giz has all those detailed messy hairs around making the style look more natural and … messy lol

Accessories are from GizzA,  it is the Electra set also be found in the Arcade for this month. You will find it in different combinations like black, white, and beige with collars, bracelets and necklaces, this last one comes in single which means one stones. The other one has three stones like in my photo. They are tide up with a fine ribbon.



Taxis linked on the names of the stores so you can’t miss your opportunity to enjoy and have fun with the love of our favourites designers.


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Nicky Ree in Mesh

Hello people!

I told you before I will be here bringing you some news about Nicky Ree. Of course if you are in her member group you all will know that Nicky is back with Mesh designs.

She bring us 2 tunic shirts mesh made (standard mesh) with the great quality and unique  hand draw texture. And the price is absolute a bargain!  So why don’t you pop in and get your Nicky Ree Designings in Mesh?

Nicky tunick mesh_002

Nicky tunick mesh_001

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We meet again

Hello people,

I hope you are enjoying your Saturday as much as I am… you can notice I’m having a great time because I’m here posting again 😛

So direct to the point.

GizzA has released some news awesome outfits, and I’m here to show them to you.

I’ve combine the first dress Thorn with studs on the shoulder, very fashionable, with *Dura*‘s new release boys and girls 46 which also now comes in cherry and peach colours.  A short combination between dress and hair.

From the fashionable to the romanticism. Neva Dress in salmon is the perfect dreamy wedding gown we love, vintage lace and old roses all over you will make you dream awake in the old times. I didn’t know she was getting married (I always thought she was) so Congratulations to her if this is happening. As you know I wish all the best to every couple in SL as me, I’m happily married in RL with the man I met in SL. 3 years of marriage so far!

And from the romanticism to the sexiest outfit from GizzA,  This one comes in 5 gorgeous colours for yours to choose from.

Burlesque corset
So happy shopping, we will meet again with some news about Dura again, Gabriel and exclusive news from Nicky Ree!!! stay tune! 😛

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Let the breeze come to me

Whit this exquisite medium short hair and short body suit, the summer breeze is ready to hug me and squeeze me ;P

The hair is an unisex stile from *Dura* (45) and the body suit is from +HUHU+ Creations which come in several colours.
Enjoy it!


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(¸.•´ (¸.•´ .•´ ¸¸.•¨¯`•. Ake..•~


hello there!

omg just some days for my holidays! yay!

So before that happens, let me tell you abut the new set of GizzA, it is called Boho and it is very awesome. You can find bikini bras in different patterns, the one I’m wearing is “collage” It also comes with low rise skinny jeans which fits superb! (the belt is from *chronokit* in sky), you will find some accessories like necklaces and bracelets… perfect outfit for this hot days 😀

Boho outfit

Now… you all must hear from the new hair from *Dura* this time just for boys, so I took my boy avatar and wore the Irish Coffee 45 … looking gorgeous, also a perfect hair style for the hot days, you will feel very very fresh 😉
Boy 45 hair
well well well.. have fun and enjoy the rest of your week 😀
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“”D!va”” news

Hello there!

As you might know, “”D!va”” is being part of the Hair Fair 2013 this year with 3 hair styles, Cleo, Lana y Mana, this two last ones are almost the same, they just have different style of bangs.

There is also a new hair for Collabor88 for this month, Ange comes in three parts, the top hair with a crown of flowers and then two parts of loose hair for each shoulder. With these hair you can make 3 styles, up do hair, one side long hair or both sides hair. It would be 4 styles too as you can change the hair falling on the shoulder for each side.  Does that makes any sense? I so hope so 😀  If not, just get the hair and play with it. You will love it. ♥
""D!va"" releases

TP to Hair Fair sim Port

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Jeans and Hair


yes yes… I’m still here, today bringing you some new mesh jeans from +HUHU+ Creations which comes in several colours and you can also change the belt and underpants pattern. Cool ^_^ Jeans are made for boys but you can always fits on girls. With these pair of jeans you will also see the new hair from *Dura*, one of our favourite hair designers have brought a new pony tail style, with a cute bang, very Asian like (that is because I watch a lot of K-dramas) look for Girl 48 style.

If you like the jacket, this one is one of the latest release from GizzA, cotton series.

City style



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We love cotton

And what could be more amazing that the new series from GizzA, which come with tshirts, shorts and jackets but the most cool thing is the variety of the patterns you can find in this serie.

I’ve picked the pastel Jacket with the flower shorts, to complement this stile I wore the pearl necklace from the past serie Romantic Rendez-Vous and the daisy handbag made specially for the Arcadia event in June.


By the way HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!!!

Have a wonderful weekend ♥

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(¸.•´ (¸.•´ .•´ ¸¸.•¨¯`•. Ake..•~

Thanks to..

Hello my people,

I know it has been a while, again… some issues with photoshop kept me away this time and also, why not to be honest, the lack of motivation to come online and do…. whatever I normally do in SL.

To be honest, I’ve been thinking and over thinking this but I have no more motivation to keep posting for SL designers and so far I’ve left already some of them, It’s not you guys, I’ts me, I think I spent enough time in front of the pc working in rl and when it comes about sl, I just don’t want to be in front of the pc.

I want to thank to Clementina from Retro’ Store for letting me to be one of her bloggers since she was just starting her business. I really appreciate her trust on me. I also wants to thank to Acid Lilly Gallery, who invited me one day as a blogger guest and then I was able to keep blogging every week. More thanks to Cortez who invited me to blog for Sand and Sea expo one time and then I was asked to keep with them for the upcoming event. Sadly I had to say no as I didn’t want to get more involve when I wasn’t really sure if I was going to keep blogging.

There are more stores I will be thanking time by time, but this is for now.

Also here I will post some of the last releases I’ve got and now that I have photoshop I was able to work on the photos I took.

*Dura* has releases a new hair for boys, 44. I could have wore it with a boy shape but something that I like from Dura is to wear hair for boys. They are just hot. And as I was wearing male stuff, why not to wear the new jeans from +HUHU+ creations, yes ladies, those jeans are boy stuff but come on… we all like to wear them anyway… they are low rise and very sexy.

Dura and HUHU
Again *Dura* suprises us with a new group gift… this time is to celebrate 3 years in business so Happy Annivesary guys! You are doing such amazing job, keep going strong all day! 😉

To match this funky hair, I am wearing one of the latest releases from GizzA, Picnic dress in blue is a lovely summer dress in different romantic fabric or retro style. Pick yours, they are hot hot!

Dura and Gizza
Thanks again for reading me and adding me in your blogs to follow… have a lovely week 🙂

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(¸.•´ (¸.•´ .•´ ¸¸.•¨¯`•. Ake..•~

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